01. Concept

Loud is a pop-up social network app for social gatherings, based on time and location. We believe that essentially people are very open, willing and wanting to communicate with their peers, and what they need is just a nudge. Loud is available for use only for people who are present at the same social event at the same time and once a person leaves all the data: text, images etc, they made in Loud is erased once they exit the club within the app. What happens in Loud stays in Loud.


02. Technology

Based on geo-fencing and ibeacon technology we know the exact position of our users and so, through our app, we combine the online and offline settings: taking all the pictures and interactions from our users’ smartphones and putting them on the offline displays.


03. Humans

Our business partner has over 20 years of experience in the evening-entertainment industry. He has not only been manager of the largest local distributor chain but also the organizer of some of the most popular festivals in the region.

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