01. Concept

AW Proximity, allows all mobile app retail facilitators to deliver contextually relevant messages to their users when they are in proximity to dedicated service areas. This new form of communication with clients has proven to be quite effective, statistics showing a 20x increase in client-app interaction.


02. Technology

This technology is derived from AroundWise, the core of it remaining the iBeacon Technology. The challenging part in developing AW Proximity was facilitating the integration of our technology in compatible preexisting applications. We have succeeded in doing this by creating a functional SDK and API that virtually encapsulate 2 years of work in a few meaningful lines of code. Hence we can say that we build complex technologies which are cloaked beautiful user interfaces.


03. Humans

Specialists in Bluetooth Signal, mobile operating systems and enterprise infrastructure have allowed the creation of this system that “just works”. With their help, our partners no longer have to work about setting up the necessary technology, but just using it to send out their contextual messages, in a user-friendly interface.

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