01. Concept

Online shopping is convenient, easy to do and cost effective, but lacks the essential experience of interacting with the product you are about to buy. We have created a new experience, a mix between the off and online. redefining the buying process for the ever expanding new generation of shopper. We want to place products on interactive stands in shopping centers. The consumer can physically interact with the product and by using a smartphone, can access more information to convince him to buy or not, eliminating the need for assistance from a sales clerk.


02. Technology

Through the iBeacon Technology, we offer information to people about a product with which they are in close proximity to. The eCommerce Engine in our app allows users to buy a product with a simple single tap. Through the Computer vision system installed in cameras and the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer sensors, we offer retailers analytics about the people who are interacting with their products, and their degree of interest based on time spent at/with the product, recurrence and emotional stimuli.


03. Humans

We are partners with people who have over 20 years of experience in Retail, including with the largest shopping mall in Romania. Our licensed PhD specialist in computer vision and electronics is continually developing the real-time analytics system we use.

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